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Yes, we are fully licensed, bonded and insured home improvement contractor. We are licensed by the Maryland Home Improvement Commission, Registration #79091

The cost of building a deck can vary greatly depending on a many number of factors. Three of the biggest factors in determining the cost of your deck is size, materials and steps. Estimates are most often figured using the square footage of the deck, The linear feet of railing and the number of steps. The cost value of each of these also depends on the materials you want to use. A wood deck will cost a lot less per square foot than a composite/ PVC deck. The best thing to do is call Dave and schedule a time for a free estimate.

We usually can begin constructing a deck 3 to 6 weeks after a contract is signed. The time to construct the deck can depend on size, complexity and even weather. Some smaller decks can be completed in 3 to 5 days, and some larger complex decks can take up to 3 weeks or longer. A time frame is listed on every contract.

We accept Cash, Check or Charge. We currently do not offer any financing.

There is no payment due at the signing of your contract. Most decks are broken down into three payments. The first payment is due before any work can begin, the second payment is due upon completion of the frame, and a final payment is due upon completion of all work listed in the contract and a final building inspection has passed. Payment schedules are listed on every contract.

Yes. It is primarily the responsibility of your licensed contractor to obtain a building permit from the local jurisdiction and schedule all required inspections.

We recommend that home owners have approval from there HOA, if required, before construction begins, however, as a contractor we do not need this. With help from the home owner we can gather the required information and submit an application for HOA approval on your behalf.

Yes. We provide a craftsmanship warranty. We give a 5 year warranty for new, low maintenance decks, and 2 years for wood decks. It does include repairs necessary due to weather, acts of nature or abuse. We do not offer warranties on deck refurbishing where we install a deck on an existing frame.

We do not do patios, however, we can refer you to other contractors we have worked side by side with, to complete your total project efficiently.

Maryland law gives you the right to cancel a home improvement contract within 5 business days, or within 7 business days if the buyer is at least 65 years old. Each contract includes an explanation of your right to cancel and the dates you can cancel by.

We currently do not offer any financing but we plan to in the near future.

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